Blueberry’s Alternative Fruits for Poor People

Blueberry's Alternative Fruits for Poor People
Blueberry's Alternative Fruits for Poor People

World top leading Health Specialist says blueberry is really a superfood. It has a great number of nutritious benefits. But this fruit is to reach people because blueberry production is costly and fruits shopper can’t sell at a lower cost. So, how can poor people afford this nutritious fruit? Today I bring some blueberry’s alternative fruits for poor people.

You can afford these fruits in your low budget. Various fruits are in the raw but blueberries exact alternative or batter then blueberry is the only fruit that grows in most Asian countries. And this fruit my friends are Indian-Gooseberry or Amla. Yes, you hear it right ‘Amal’ this is the fruit which batter than blueberry. You may not give this fruit that changes as blueberry but in reality, Amla or Indian-Gooseberry is really a superfood.

Blueberry's Alternative Fruits for Poor People

How Indian-Gooseberry a Superfood

Believe it or not, this fruit is a greater source of vitamin C, B5, B6. Amla has a vast amount of Vitamin C no other fruits have this amount Vitamin C. This fruit has five different tests in it (there have seven types of the test that exist in nature). But tart is the top of them. Indian Gooseberry can be used as a nutritious fruit, substitute food, herbal ingredient as well. Most of the South Asian countries widely use this fruit as a herbal ingredient.

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Indian-Gooseberry is reached in Calories, Fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Copper, Manganese, Potassium. It used in Bad Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Diaria, Improving Eye Side, Diabatic, Age control, Improving or prevent Cander cell too. Most of the Indian Ayurvedic medicines include Amla as a side ingredient with other elements. Daily Indian-Gooseberry consumption is a great habit for a healthy lifestyle.


One kilogram Indian-Gooseberry is only 50-120 cents (price may differ), but it is really a low price fruit anyone can afford. You can have this fruit every way (raw, boil, fried, dried). If you want to have this fruit in raw then only use salt to make tart test consumable. Amal juice is another great dring during the morning, you can dring this juice with an empty belly. There have various types of remedies of Indian-gooseberry you can use in your daily life.

Vitamin C is the most important nutrient for human and Indian-Gooseberry one of the easiest sources of it. Daily having Indian-Gooseberry can cure and prevent many top-level diseases. And there have a great saying that “Prevention is batter than Cure”. This cheap, wild, third country’s fruit will give you great comfort which most expensive and eye-catching fruit can’t give.


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